With the vibrancy of the fashion industry and its ever changing trends, we have built our In House Digital Printing Facility to cope with the dynamics of the market.


-Digital Wet print, washable production quality.
-Digital wet print, Non Washable production quality, for quick mock up and design approval.
-Digital Heat Transfer/Sublimation in production quality

Platform of Fabric in both Woven and Knits:

-Polyesters , nylons, synthetics
-All Natural fibers, Cottons, Rayon, Modals, Viscose, Silks, Lyocell, etc.


- From 3 yards of sample mock up to long production runs

Lead time:

- From 2 days to 7-10 days based on run requirements

File Platform:

- In 300 DPI resolution in TIFF or PSD format via email or present


- Apparel
- Accessories i.e. scarves
- Interior & Homewares- curtains, linens
- Promotional - banners , back drops, displays

Market Coverage:

- Apparel manufacturers
- Established and upcoming Designers
- Artists, photographers, illustrators & Students
- Any one individual with a unique design or image wanting to print onto fabric


- Limitless colors
- Fine level of detail with color accuracy
- Quick Turn around
- Low minimums
- Immediate Prototype of design on a variety of fabric bases
- No screens required. No long wait, nor need for screen engravings
- Flexibility of design - to enlarge or reduce image and or repeat size
- Commission printing on customer fabrics

Overall, Digital Printing is an environmentally friendly process.

- No use of large amounts of water and/or chemicals to strip and clean screens
- No wastage nor storage of unused inks
- No fumes nor chemicals released during printing
- Minimum heat and noise in the process
- Minimal fabric wastage in printing